There are different methods you can use to get PyDyViz up and running for your system.


  1. Python
  2. SymPy
  3. NumPy

SciPy is used by the Code Generator module for numerical integration of Equations of Motions.So not exactly a dependency for PyDyViz, but is required anyways for Code Generator to work.


PyDyViz can be installed from source via archive. Download the latest release archive from here.Extract the archive and cd into the directory. Issue the following command from command line:

$ python install

It should get the PyDyViz up and running.


If you are a developer, or looking for the latest features without waiting for another release, you can install the development version from the git repository.

Issue the following command from terminal:

$ git clone git://

and then change directory to the cloned directory and run install:

$ cd pydy-viz
$ python install

and you will have the latest development version on board.

Python Package Index

You can also install PyDyViz from Python Package Index using pip or easy_install. Its as easy as opening a terminal and typing in:

$ pip install pydy_viz

or for easy_install:

$ easy_install pydy_viz

Run PyDyViz

You can check the installation by running the following command from Python Interpreter:

>>> import pydy_viz

If it does not throws any error/traceback, it means that PyDyViz is installed.

You can check the version of the software by issuing following command from interpreter:

>>> import pydy_viz
>>> print pydy_viz.__version__


If you have any question about installation, or any general question, feel free to visit the IRC channel at, channel #pydy. In addition, our mailing list is an excellent source of community support.

If you think there’s a bug or you would like to request a feature, please open an issue.